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Traditional Spanish Hunting

Huntsmen meet around 9:00 a.m. in a place known as hunting ground. Once they meet they have a traditional highland breakfast. The stands are raffled and divided into armadas, led by hunters or guides. The hunting area is a zone around 300 and 700 hectares of country or pasture land where the hunters settle in the stands. Next, a pack of hounds is released. A pack usually consists on two dozens of hounds led by a hound trainer. The driving hunt consists on leading the preys to the stands with the hounds. This lasts between three and four hours. A the end, the huntsmen are taken by the guide, who takes notes of the results and they go to the hunting ground, where they enjoy a cocktail and a country lunch. In the meantime, state staff, guides, assistants and guards, helped by mules and all-terrain vehicles; take the downed animals and present them orderly, in a hunting parade, so the huntsmen can identify their preys and enjoy the final result.

Hunting by GESCAZA are considered among the best of the Iberian Peninsula. Our company is outlined by organizing events in high-quality states. In our hunts, quality and quantity are considered vital, so we get a high number of trophies.

In addition, our programme is one of the most outstanding in the hunting panorama. We organize particular events for owners, so we can offer services such as:

  • Complete organization of the montería
  • Hound pack hiring and driving hunt
  • Staff and catering hiring
  • Meat selling
  • Taxidermy
  • Trophy official scoring

We also organize hunts for small groups and companies, providing the best services with the best value for money, with a spotless organization taking into consideration every detail.